Students and Visitors

Economic Impact Students

Key facts:


of value added
(student spending)


students enrolled


international students


Science Centre visitors each year


visitors to Early Start Discovery Centre in a year


events held at the Unibar in 2015


functions were held in the UniCentre function room in 2015


visits to the University Recreation and Aquatic Centre in 2015


Education is the third top purpose for people visiting the Illawarra

Students are the lifeblood of the University and are a major source of economic stimulus to the broader community as many of them live and spend in the Illawarra region.

Students also make broader economic and social contributions through casual or part-time work, or participation in volunteering, sport and other community activities. Visitation to the region for UOW-related events, the UOW Science Centre, the Early Start Discovery Space at Early Start, the Recreation and Aquatic Centre, UniBar events, and student outreach and enrichment activities also create significant economic benefits as well as community engagement. Both students and visitors contribute to the economy through the consumption of goods and services.

UOW attracts a large number of international students who contribute to Australia’s and NSW’s export earnings, representing a key source of income growth for the nation over the coming decades.

In 2015, UOW had 32,208 students enrolled of which 18,888 were domestically enrolled (onshore) and 13,414 were enrolled offshore. UOW student numbers have grown strongly over the past 15 years.

Last reviewed: 28 November, 2016