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UOW’s research and development activities play a major role in shaping regional innovation and in helping to find solutions to some of society’s biggest issues.

The University has major research centres which are global leaders in, for example, health, material sciences, sustainable construction, infrastructure development and early education. Many faculty leaders serve as advisors to industry and government agencies.

Research at the University brings federal and other external funding to Wollongong and NSW and attracts academic talent from across the world. UOW has built an international reputation for world-class research, creating knowledge and innovation that supports the wider economic growth and development of its communities.

UOW’s standing as a world-class research-intensive university was confirmed with the Australian Research Council’s 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) report finding 21 research areas at UOW were delivering research well above world standard. Our success in external rankings and ERA are not only a reflection of our research impact but also of our researchers developing international profiles and the increase in citations of UOW researchers by academics around the world. 

Read more about how UOW's research is solving complex real-world problems on pages 6-7 of the summarised report.

Last reviewed: 28 November, 2016