Making a Difference in Our Communities

Economic Impact Communities

Key facts:


to charity in the past three years

15 weeks

with 1041 Indigenous high school students


in funding through the Community Engagement Grant Scheme


UOW students have mentored with AIME

The University of Wollongong has a longstanding history of supporting its multiple local communities with the intention of creating positive social impact.

We provide important cultural, intellectual, architectural, aesthetic, artistic, athletic, recreational and medical resources which can add to the vibrancy, creativity and dynamism of our local communities.

UOW students and staff also participate and make important contributors to local projects through volunteering and other activities.

The impact of volunteering

The results of a 2016 survey on volunteering, in which 1,379 respondents participated include:

  • Of those respondents who identified themselves as volunteers, 59 per cent commit to 1-3 hours of volunteering each week. A further 22 per cent commit to 4-6 hours of volunteering per week. The remaining 19 per cent of respondents commit to more than 7 hours of volunteering per week.
  • More than one-third of respondents that commit to regular volunteering have increased their commitment since joining the UOW community. This may reflect the availability of volunteering options for new staff and students and the inclusive culture of the UOW community.
  • Of the survey respondents that identified as volunteers, 42 per cent volunteered in the Education/Training/Youth Development sector, perhaps reflecting the availability of volunteering options on campus. A further 33 per cent volunteered in the Community/Welfare sector, 13 per cent in Sport/Physical Recreation, 10 per cent in the Health/Aged/Disability sector, and 3 per cent in Emergency Services/Disaster Relief (for instance, the Rural Fire Service).

Economic Impact Volunteer Graph

Read more about the volunteer and community programs run by UOW on pages 24 - 27 of the summarised report.


Last reviewed: 28 November, 2016