New Industries, New Jobs

New Jobs Economic Impact

For decades, coal mining and heavy industry manufacturing have laid the economic, social and cultural foundations for the Illawarra. However, over the past three decades, the region has faced substantial economic challenges due to significant pressure on the region’s traditional industries and is moving towards a more diverse economy.

Key sectors now include advanced manufacturing, logistics, finance, insurance, business and professional services, ICT, tourism, defence, health and education. Traditional manufacturing, mining and engineering sectors still remain important. The University realises that employing sectors are seeking new skills which the displaced workforce may not have. This makes it vital that we provide people with the necessary skills to compete in what is a vastly changed employment landscape. UOW is also committed to retaining graduates in the Illawarra. We have the fourth-largest IT student intake in Australia, producing half of all ICT graduates in NSW and one in seven IT graduates nationally.

UOW is driving change that is locally relevant to regional priorities but with global impact. Our research partnerships with business and industry produce greater levels of innovation and impact, and contribute to the creation of new enterprises by translating university research into results. We are economically engaged with not only local firms but also those outside the region and internationally.

Through our research and links we generate ideas, new technologies and new knowledge – which lead to new industries and new jobs.

Read more about how UOW is transforming the region on pages 8-13 of the summarised report.

Last reviewed: 28 November, 2016