Investment in Infrastructure

Economic Impact Infrastructure

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in direct capital investment from 2010-2015


in capital expenditure to be released between 2016-2020

The University invests to enhance our campuses and align our facilities to changing centres of population and emerging research priorities.

From 2010-2015, UOW has directly invested more than $471 million in major construction and refurbishment projects, with the total impact of these projects adding over a billion dollars in total output to the economy.

During 2015, the University has invested $81 million in construction and refurbishment projects.

The University’s capital expenditure plans will release in excess of $300 million between 2016-2020.

Capital expenditure also adds to economic activity and creates jobs in industries supplying into these projects.

Economic Impact Capital

Wollongong Campus Master Plan 2016 - 2036

The University has been able to continually improve the quality of its unique campus due to enduring support from regional business partners, institutions and the community. In turn, the University has made many of its facilities available to the community.

The University’s campuses are constantly evolving with the changing needs of community, education and industry. This is why the 2016-2036 Wollongong Master Campus Plan has been developed.

It is a guiding document that not only articulates UOW’s visions for the future, but also allows flexibility to respond to future opportunities and challenges. The plan is vital in guiding the physical development of the main campus over the next 20 years. While it relates specifically to the landholdings of the Wollongong Campus, it also considers potential aligned projects and partnerships in surrounding neighbourhoods and in Wollongong more broadly.

The campus forms part of an important network of well-connected economies and partnerships across the city. This will contribute greatly to the economic, social, cultural and creative success of Wollongong, and provide a major hub of employment for the region. UOW’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan sets out that capital expenditure plans will release in excess of $300 million within the next five years.

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Last reviewed: 28 November, 2016